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About Us

Pawctive Pet is a rapidly growing customer centered pet venture supported and managed by an extremely enthusiastic group of likeminded individuals. In a short span of time Pawctive Pet has implied comprehensive policies that not only maintains our reputation but has put us in a realm above and beyond our competitors.  



Founded in late 2020 midst a historical pandemic, Pawctive Pet was created by two young college students driven with passion and dedication. Since then we are continuously growing and developing high standard pet products and striving to ensure exceptional standards when it comes to manufacturing, packaging and delivering. The entrepreneurship spirit driven inside Pawctive Pet founders aims on making it a world renown and the most trust worthy brand in the coming future.



Pawctive Pet is thriven and continuously fueled by its vision “Adopt, Don’t Shop”.

Numerous animals are strayed every day, thieved of their basic rights and needs. Hence, we believe in providing homes for the weak and the wordless. A certain percentage of Pawctive Pet’s profits are reserved for shelters and charities that supports and shares our vision.


OUR VALUES.                                                                                

We are a sturdy company built on 4 core values    






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