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Banana Bed 🍌

Banana Bed 🍌

Banana Bed 🍌

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Every pet has a special weird hiding place where they love to cuddle up, be it a shoebox or a cabinet they will always find a weirder place to settle camps in.
Providing your pet a weirder bed maybe the checkmate you were waiting for! 

🍌  Soft thick plush fabric with a spongy interior.
🍌  Provides your pet with a sense of security.
🍌  The radiant yellow colour of the banana bed blends smoothly with the room decor.
🍌 Enhances your pet's cuteness.
🍌. The non-toxic plush material not only keeps your pets warm and cosy but also prevents them from falling ill especially in winters.

 Size  Length(cm)  Width(cm)  Height(cm)  Weight (lb)
Small (S)  40  15  10  3
Medium (M)  55  20  15  3 - 5.5
Large (L)  65  25  18  5.5 - 11
Extra Large (XL)  90  30  20  11 - 44

"Some pets might also prefer sleeping on it like a hammock! Now that's weirdly adorable!"


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