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Pooper Scooper

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Being a dog parent is a lot of fun.However, scrubbing the floor with a tissue to pick up the smelly remains of your dogs poop is definitely a daunting daily experience. Which is why we created The Best Pooper Scooper to make your life easier.

Benefits: Portable. hooks on a leash. You won’t forget it and you won’t have to carry it.

Convenient: has integrated waste bag compartment.

Effective: Remove dog poop and waste from any surface without using your hands.

Keep sidewalks and lawns clean!

Light Weight: you can carry it around with your dog!

What’s Included?

Pooper scooper + Disposable bag:

1 x Scooper Pooper 

1 x PACK (7 rolls 1 roll has 15 pcs bags) (S/L)

1 pack has 105 pcs bags, you can use it for one season at least!!!

Pooper scooper:

1 x Pooper Scooper 

1 x Roll (15pcs bags) (S/L)


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